Criminal Law

Being arrested and charged with a crime is one of the most stressful events that can happen in a persons life. Even a minor criminal case will trigger worrisome questions like: Will I go to jail? Will I lose my job? Will I lose my driver's license? Will this arrest stay on my record? How will this affect my immigration status? Will I have to report this to my boss, or disclose it on my college application?

A strong defense in a criminal case is the key to your freedom—and your future. Every criminal case contains uncertainty and the outcome of your case depends upon the facts surrounding the crime charged, the strengths/weaknesses of the evidence, the validity of the enforcement and court procedures, the goals and strategies of the prosecution and, perhaps most importantly, your defense. As your defense attorneys, Walsh Law Firm will navigate you through this complicated legal process and educate you about the legal and practical risks and consequences presented by your case and defenses. Walsh Law Firm has earned a reputation for aggressive representation grounded in solid research, thorough investigation, negotiations and preparedness. We have counseled hundreds of clients throughout Southern Missouri who are faced with the worrisome uncertainty of their legal problems. We will zealously defend your legal rights and take every step necessary to help achieve a positive outcome.

Our firm charges flat fees for criminal defense work.

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