Auto & Truck Accidents

Truck and Automobile Accidents:

As an auto accident experienced lawyer with decades of experience in personal injury law we are uniquely qualified to help you pursue justice and compensation after your accident. We understand the seriousness of these accidents and we can help as you recover from your injuries. We know the law and we know how to make a compelling case on behalf of innocent victims like you.

We know that the vast majority of accidents are preventable. "Accident" is not a proper term because accident implies that no one was to blame and nothing could have been done to avoid the wreck and the resulting injuries.

Most accidents are caused by some sort of negligence, including:

• reckless driving
• distracted driving
• drunk driving
• defective automobiles
• defective roads


Medical care is not cheap. Neither is physical therapy. After a car accident it can be difficult to return to work and earn a living. All of this because of an accident that was caused by someone else's mistake.

We understand that no amount of money can ever truly make up for the horrors you have experienced. But, compensation can surely help you with some of the costs that arise after an accident:

• medical expenses
• funeral expenses (in a wrongful death case)
• lost wages
• pain and suffering

Trucking Accidents:

Because of their size, large trucks have a high potential to cause accidents. They have large blind spots, high centers of gravity and tend to move more slowly than the cars around them on the highway. Cargo spills from large trucks are not uncommon, endangering everyone on the road. Because of these tendencies, there are nearly half a million accidents involving commercial trucks every year. Moreover, because of their size, collisions with large trucks are far more deadly than collisions between passenger cars. While many truck drivers are careful and cautious, a truck driver who acts negligently endangers everyone on the road.

At Walsh Law Firm we know how to investigate your trucking or automobile accident to prove liability on the part of the negligent driver. If you have been hurt in a truck or automobile accident you should speak to Stpehen Walsh immediately for a free consultation.

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